Dementia Care

Our specialist homes are dedicated to providing a small, safe and secure home for residents living with dementia where our aim is to allow residents the freedom to live as independent lives as possible, within the security and support of the home. As a specialist in dementia care our homes are recognised as a valued and trusted solution to help your loved one maintain their independence in a safe and homely environment for as long as they can.

We understand that individuals living with dementia will often need more time and attention to help them feel secure and happy, and for some this may involve us working with our dementia care specialists to ensure the best care is always available.

All our staff are trained in dementia care, in order to understand the needs of our residents and be able to support them accordingly with care and activities that:

  • Help your loved one remain safe
  • Helps everyone understand different behaviours and needs
  • Promotes and encourages involvement in stimulating and engaging activities
  • Builds confidence and encourages engagement
  • Builds self-esteem and physical strength

We know that it can be difficult when living with dementia, for some people to recognise individuals or be able to remember things.  This is why our specialist dementia care settings have been designed to help people navigate their way around, have easy access to information and to make sure staff are always on hand when needed. With so many types of dementia, we take time to understand your needs and symptoms so that we can tailor-make your care plan to meet your requirements.  Our staff are trained in a range of conditions, but should they need additional support or training, we are committed to working with other healthcare professionals to deliver the best levels of care possible.