Respite Care

We understand that most of the time you enjoy caring for your loved one, but we all need a break from time to time, and getting that can be hard if you are the primary carer.  Our respite care gives you the chance to have a well-earned break, secure in the knowledge that we will look after your loved one for you.

We believe that self-care is just as important as the care you provide so we will get to know you and your loved one to ensure that you both benefit from a break.  You can use this time to recharge your batteries, physically, mentally and emotionally, happy in the knowledge that they are receiving the highest standard of care possible.

Whether it is a one-off break to allow you to have a holiday, or a regular arrangement, we will make sure that you can relax whilst we treat your loved one to their own ‘holiday’.  They can choose to take part in activities and trips with other residents, or spend the time relaxing themselves.  

We offer three types of Respite Care across our homes:

  • Short-Term - suitable for people who may need support due to unforeseen circumstances such as a carers sudden illness or for a short period of time to allow a full-time carer to have a weekend away or maybe attend a family event.
  • Regular Respite - suitable if you would like to take advantage of having regular prearranged breaks that allow you and your carer to have regular breaks and independant time apart.  Many people find that this helps promote good mental health and strengthens relationships where the primary carer is a family member.
  • Medical respite - normally this option follows a period of time in the hospital where returning home straight away is not always possible.  Often referred to as recuperation stays, these allow you to continue receiving medical and, if needed, rehabilitation support.  This can also allow your loved ones to make alterations to your home to allow you to return there without a prolonged hospital stay.